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We have compiled an article with exercises where you benefit using only one dumbbell! That’s right ONE dumbbell! Believe it or not these exercises will target your core, obliques, back and biceps, and still give you the defined, strengthen muscle mass you require.

The reason for this, is we appreciate the annoyance when you arrive at the gym and everything is in use, but a single dumbbell can be equally effective as using two or any other equipment to target your abs.

The best thing about these exercises are, if dumbbells aren’t free, you can easily subsidies them for a kettle bell or even a weight plate. These carefully executed exercises will leave your upper body burning for more!

This is a take on the classic kettlebell swing that offers all the same benefits. The hip hinge that forms the basis of this move is one of the core foundation bodyweight movements that you should work on mastering before beginning any weight training programme.

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Most abs routines veer too far down the crunch route, leading to an imbalance whereby the obliques are not developed enough. This exercise is one of the best for targeting the latter. Strong obliques provide a foundation of rotational strength, vital for those who play contact sports or are in physical/manual occupations.

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Another excellent oblique-targeting move, this also improves your body’s co-ordination and core strength because you need to resist rotating the torso.

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The crunch is the true test of fundamental core strength and provides great stimulation to the abdominals. The only way to increase its difficulty is to add weight, and the dumbbell crunch does this perfectly. Pick a weight you can perform eight to ten reps with, and initiate through the abs muscles themselves, not the hip flexors.

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The elevated position of the feet in this exercise places enormous strain on both the upper and lower abs, which are typically a tricky area to stimulate. The twisting movement involves the obliques also which you will find invaluable when stabilising the body on heavy, compound lifts.