Sloppy Joe Biscuit Casserole – This is Not Diet Food

Ladies here’s how to build beautiful, round shoulders with six exercises guaranteed to add strength, size and shape to your delts in no time! Work out included!

There is nothing like a good pair of solid, round shoulders to make any tank top, tube top, or hot little black dress look tremendous! It’s not too late to get those shoulders into great condition before sleeveless weather is over and done with.

If you’re willing to lift slowly with good challenging weight and stick with it, hard round, defined delts can be yours easier and faster than you think!

It’s important to remember to select a weight that is heavy and safe, this can be determined by how easy it is for you to lift and place the weight into the starting position; if it cannot be done with a good and proper form, or without swinging the weight, then select a lighter weight.

The weight should be challenging enough that it is difficult to complete the last one or two of your set number of repetitions.

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Do each exercise in the order it is listed, instructions are below!

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This chart is just a guide, the longer you have been actively and consistently using free weight, the heavier and harder you are able to hit those delts! If you are new, be safe and lift light until you get the form just right!

Beginner: Lifting 3 Months Or Less

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Intermediate: Lifting 4-9 Months

Advanced: Lifting 10+ Months